How to Change the Water in my Fish TV

Your Fish TV requires weekly water change to keep your fishes alive and happy. If you do not want sad and dead fishes. Please change your water every week.

Why do i need to change water?

You need to change your Fish Tv water because the fish creates wastes after every meal. In fact, you can usually see your fish creating waste and eating at the same time. Sometimes, you may overfeed your fishes and the excess food will fall to the bottom of the Fish TV. Both fish waste and uneaten food will slowly break down which will cause the water in your Fish TV to go bad.

As your Fish TV does not have a filter as it is does not run on power, you will need to change the water more frequently to ensure that the fishes have a good living condition.

How much water do i need to change?

Do not do a complete water change as it will shock your fishes which may cause them to die. Change only 50% of the water and try your best to get the bottom 50% which contains all the fish waste and uneaten food.

How do i get the bottom 50% of the water?

There are 2 ways to get the bottom 50% of water. First way is to pour out the top 50% of the water into another container and put your fish inside. Then you can pour out the bottom 50% of the water and add in the new conditioned water. This is great if you have access to a sink as it is fast and quite easy. Just don’t pour your fishes down the sink.

The second way is to use a small hose to siphon the water out from the bottom. This is great if you do not have access to a sink. Please make sure your Fish Tv is on a higher ground when you’re doing this so that the water can flow out. I would say this is slightly more complicated but will be faster if you have more than 1 Fish TV. ( I use this method. )

Why do i need to condition the water before adding it in?

Technically, Singapore water is quite safe. Our first Fish TV used mainly unconditioned water and our fighting fish survived for 1 year. However, it was not doing great most of the time. Singapore’s tap water contains a chlorine which can keep our water safe and clean for humans but its not that great for fishes. Our water conditioner helps to remove chlorine and other heavy metals in the water to ensure that your fishes have a better life.

What can i do with the bottom 50% water?

Most people will pour the waste water down the sink or toilet bowl. We sometime use it to water her plants. Fish waste water are great for plants as fish waste can help fertilise your plants. The water also no longer contain chlorine which is great for some sensitive plants like calatheas. If you want to try watering your plants with fish waste water, I would recommend you try on a few cheaper and hardier plants first before moving on to the more sensitive ones.