Fish Tv Basic Care Guide

Hi everyone, i’m writing this guide to help new fish tv owners kickstart your journey on keeping your fish tv well maintained so that it can bring joy to you and your cat for many years to come.

About our Fish TV

Our fish tv are basically a low maintenance aquarium in a jar. We came up with the idea as we live pretty busy lives and we want to find a safe way to keep our cat entertained. I have kept fishes since i was a kid but keeping fishes in a jar required some work finding out the best combination of plants and fishes to allow for easy maintenance, especially for new fish owners. Some key features of Fish TV include,

No Power Required

Each Fish TV comes planted with plants that provide oxygen for the fishes that live in it. Thus there is no need to have any power source if you are able to provide a light source for your fish tv.

Easy Maintenance

There are only 2 things you need to do to keep your Fish TV going. Feed every day, change water every week. That’s all.

Safe & Portable

Each Fish TV is stable and quite heavy, so your cat SHOULD not be able to flip it over. They all come with a lid so that your cat will not stick its paws in. With no power required, you can be sure your cat will not be electrocuting themselves. Our Fish TV is also portable. This means you can place your Fish TV on higher ground and bringing it down for your cat to play. You can also pass it to a family or friend to help you take care of it when you go on holiday. (or you can bring it to Nekoya. Hahah, No. Just kidding.)


Fish TV Maintenance

There are only 3 things you need to do to keep your Fish TV operating in tip top condition. This makes the Fish TV a simple and easy to keep for new and advanced fish owners.

At Least 6 Hours of Light Everyday

You are required to place the Fish TV near a light source such as by the window or near a lamp. You should provide at least 6 Hours or light everyday for your Fish TV. If you are unable to provide these conditions, the plants will die which will turn the water bad, which will kill the fishes. We do not recommend you to get a Fish TV if you are unable to provide them with a light source.

50% Water Change Every Week

Depending on how much you feed your fish, we recommend changing about half of the water every week. As every Fish TV does not have any filtration system, they require frequent water changes. This is to remove any fish waste of leftover food that will cause your water to turn bad. Water changes are very important as your fishes are living in it so please remember to change the water every week! We recommend using our water conditioner to treat the tap water before adding it to your Fish TV.

Daily Feeding of Fishes

Fishes love food so make sure you do not overfeed them when it comes to feeding time. We recommend our feeding your fishes our food. It is specially formulated to be easier for smaller fishes to eat while helping to keep water clear. 2-3 pellets per fish is more than enough for each meal. You can feed them twice a day.


These are the basics of keeping your Fish TV alive for years to come. Your fishes can live for at least 1 year and the plants are very difficult to kill. So if you follow my simple steps, you SHOULD be able to keep your Fish TV for at least a year. Good Luck!